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Zone Decoder – AMS Trader Tool Extraordinaire

Beta Trial Available to MrTopStep Members Only

By: The Wizard

Niels has come up with something special.  Danny knows it which is why the AMS Zone Decoder tool is running live on the MrTopStep site.  We’ve received several requests from MrTopStep members and together with Danny we’re putting together a way that you can download and beta test Zone Decoder along side of us.  Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Zone Decoder – Wednesday, October 1st

Please note, the times illustrated at the bottom of this Zone Decoder chart are seven hours ahead of Chicago time.  The opening of the market occurred at 15:30 and with the close printing at 22:00.

It’s not that Zone Decoder worked today, it has worked almost flawlessly for quite some time.  The algorithm is similar to what I employed in the early 2000s while doing work for several CME and CBOT pit traders.  Emphasis is given to the opening and closing simply because that is when the algorithm’s formula works best.  Improvements made by Niels extends that period but those we’ve worked with are most interested in the early morning and mid afternoon periods.

The chart speaks for itself.  Morning highs were “decoded” along with an afternoon bottom and top.

AMS has worked with MrTopStep for years.  Zone Decoder is exciting as is what else is happening here at  AMS Trading Group; we’re in the final stages of building our own platform.  Have a suggestion send Niels an email; we listen especially if you think it will make you and others better traders.

Interested in beta testing Zone Decoder let us know at AMS Zone Decoder Beta.  If you have any other questions send me an email at or just follow us on the MrTopStep site.  We’re happy to help you get your feet wet with the AMS Trading Group Zone Decoder and other products and trust we will be a beneficial source for all of your trading needs.


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