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How DeltaPrint© helps you become a better trader

DeltaPrint© tools provide clear, visually intuitive information to augment your trading decision-making process.

With the built-in Workspace all will be set up within 5 minutes and will bring you everything you need for order flow and volume analysis.

Our software seamlessly integrates into the free version of NinjaTrader 8 and works with any tick data-feed that NinjaTrader supports.

DeltaPrint© offers the following features

Footprint Charts

Footprint charts provides information about traded contracts in high detail. You can see if orders are traded on the bid or ask.

If an order is traded on the bid, it means a seller initiated the sale by “hitting the bid”.

And if a buyer initiates a buy from the ask or offer, it is traded at the ask. This gives you a clear view of who is the aggressive or motivated side and that information can give you the edge you need.


BookFlow visualizes the real-time and historical order book. It shows the size of the bids and offers in the order book, mainly focusing on the bigger size orders.

When a big offer appears in the market it usually works as a magnet, but it also often is a turning point as well if high volume is traded.


MarketProfile is an advanced charting studies that display trading activity over a specified time period at specified price levels.

It plots a histogram on the chart meant to reveal dominant and/or significant price levels based on volume.

This makes the information clearly visible to a trader and produces valuable support and resistance levels due to the nature of HVNs and LVNs that will stand out.


ReversalBars creates new bars not based on time or range but on reversals. Let’s say you have set it to 10 tick, then a new bar will not be created until there is a 10 tick move – high or low – of the current bar, depending where it opened.

This is extremely helpful because it will cancel out a lot of noise with small bars and insignificant volume. It makes reading volume a lot easier.


Session Statistics will show relevant information about the overnight and the day session.

For instance, where the cash open was, the Initial Balance high/low, the Open, overnight high and lows and day high and lows.

AMS Workspace

DeltaPrint© comes with a built-in S&P Workspace that will save a lot of setup time.

Other DeltaPrint© tools

These are the tools that make DeltaPrint© a real suite of trader tools:

AMS BarStats, AMS CloudLevels, AMS CorrelationTracker, AMS DayRange, AMS PriceStats, AMS TradeDots, AMS VolumeBreakdown, AMS ZigZag, AMS ZigZag Oscillator.

AMS ZoneDecoder©

The ZoneDecoder© shows support and resistance levels based on our own algorithm.

It takes into account volume, time, and range among other things. We worked a long time on this product and are proud of the outcome.

Currently the algorithm is tweaked for the S&P500 e-Mini and the ES. In the future we will add more instruments.

AMS TradeChat

Being in contact with other traders can be very helpful.

Especially if you just started out, help and advice from experienced traders can be a big bonus.

In this 24/7 hub you can also exchange ideas with each other.

Free 24/7 support

We offer ongoing support through our support pages and documentation as well as through our Helpdesk.

Free updates

All updates to DeltaPrint© for NinjaTrader 8 are free.

IMPRO Tradechat

IMPRO TradeChat is a community of experienced traders who write about their ideas and often call trades. Niels from AMS also calls trades regularly and shares his ideas about the market that day.

IMPRO is part of MrTopStep and the IMPRO TradeChat also includes LiveSquawk commentary and the MiM, the Market Imbalance Meter, to trade the close.

You will have 24/7 access, as well as:

  • Access to shared charts
  • Audio access to LiveSquawk’s breaking news service
  • The MrTopStep Market Imbalance Meter (MiM): MrTopStep’s direct feed for Mkt on Close (MOC) and Mkt on Open (MOO) (a $99/mo. value)
  • MrTopStep Morning Macro and Overview.
  • Audio updates and reviews by our traders.

IMPRO TradeChat is not available with the Lifetime Plan.


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