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Face it, the tools AMS DeltaPrint© developed and provide are the most sought after in the industry. The only thing more sought after is how to use them. Professional traders might not “need to learn” how to use OrderBook and FootPrint tools but most others do. I’m not ashamed to admit that it took me more than three months to gain complete operational “tool” status and I’ve been trading for more than fifty years.

Everyone asks us “how we trade”.  That takes a couple hours of our time each time we are asked.  We know that to be a fact as we do it privately all the time. Based upon this “history” we devised the following one-on-one “how we do what we do” tutorial sessions. If interested keep reading and feel free to email us at tutorials@amstradinggroup.com to discuss our tutorial programs further. If the following programs are not perfect contact us.  We’ll be happy to design a program that specifically fits for you or your team.

In most sessions we discuss how we use the AMS tools (1) Market Profile; (2) DeltaPrint and (3) BookFlow. We unveil our “Pre-Shot Routine” along with additional resources relied upon.  AMS tools are the last “indicators” we use before we trade but getting there is a patchwork of resources amassed over more than 50 years.  If I could get 50+ years of one’s experience over three months for only $199.00 (Quarterly Membership) I would take advantage. It’s worth it.

The following are available to all. Again, if you want to put together your own “tutorial” package email us at tutorials@amstradinggroup.com:

  • $         99.00 – Minimum – Full Use of Video Library / Open Tutorials
  • $        199.00 – Suggested Quarterly Best Initial Value
  • $       499.00 – Two (2) Hours – The Wizard’s Routine & Tools
  • $       999.00 – Two (2) Hours – The Developer’s Routine & Tools
  • $   3,000.00 – Full Trading Day Online – The Developer / The Wizard
  • $   7,500.00 – Twenty (20) Hours – The Developer
  • $  15,000.00 – $25,000.00 – The Developer – On Location / Your Team

Again, if these do not fit your needs let us know and we will design a program that does.  If you want to join in “live” as we continue to add to the tutorial sessions leave us a message at tutorials@amstradinggroup.com. We are happy to take your suggestions and thank you for your time in advance.

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