IRT Definition Files

AMS Definition Files

We know you want to focus more on trading then on setting up charts. That’s why we are providing you with the best template files ( definition files ) for Investor/RT. Check out below to see which one will fit you best.

To import the definitions files below, follow the instructions.
In the Investor/RT menu, go to File > Open > Definition…

This will open a new window where you can select the .txt definition file that you have downloaded below.

When the import is done (it takes only a few seconds) you can start using the chart with all the preset settings and features in it.

AMS Layout

Our preferred setup.

Delta Imbalance

This layout type applies an algorithm that highlights important order flow imbalances. It does all the work for you and interprets “buy” and “sell” imbalances in real time.  

Delta Shading 

Classic style to show bid/ask distributions where the coloring shows the level of delta.

FT71 – FuturesTrader71

DTG – Discovery Trading Group 

MrTopStep MoneyMaker


Kam Dhadwar

TraderDante – Tom Dante

Settings Panel

Create bid/ask profiles based on orderflow data which shows you the delta for each level. See acceleration, deceleration, absorption and high volume levels in a single, intuitive graphic. As you can see in the settings panel, the combinations you can make are endless!

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AMS DeltaPrint

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AMS ZoneDecoder

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AMS UnderTheRadar

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AMS Pullback

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