One AMS Strategy is All One Needs

After handling my fair share of questions from experienced and newly introduced users of market delta, book flow and order flow software I am convinced that few user know what they should be looking at.  This often happens after someone asks me for other strategies without first understanding how to use the AMS tools.

Everyone, whether seasoned or not realizes that it takes time to fully comprehend and then utilize the power of the AMS DeltaPrint suite editors.  Most want to know how it works and that is a question one must answer for themselves after they learn what they are looking at.

The “how it works” answer is simple; it works differently for everyone.  Your mission should you decide to accept the challenge is to spend the time necessary to figure out what works for you.  We at AMS will give you hints, prefilled worksheets where possible and speak with you directly discussing strategies that work for us.  If you do your homework before asking us for our time we’ll respond with what I call my “one strategy”.

Being a longer term, seasonally tempered commodity trader, I realized that one strategy was all I needed.  There have been several good strategies shown to me over the years but they did not fit my style of trading.  I am older than most and cannot hold a candle to what most of us know as “day-traders”, Niels can however so feel free to ask him.

We have been inundated with new clients and thank you for your business.  AMS is working on a variety of “how to” tutorials so keep watching the site for updates.  If you want to know my strategy then send me an email at and I’ll reply.  Just make sure you have taken the time to understand enough about the AMS tools, order flow, book flow and market delta to make both of our times worthwhile.

Happy healthy year to all; if you have your health you have everything.


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