The “Hot Line” Conspiracy Theory – Soybeans

Over the last few weeks a bit of volatility has returned to the markets, especially the ones surrounding China.  It makes sense that soybeans and related agricultural products would be effected but over time, conspiracy theorist begin to wonder and why not.

Remember Boesky & Levine . . . one of the first well covered and analyzed insider trading actions.  Getting the news first is sometimes a good thing but acting upon it before others might get you into a little trouble. Without a doubt getting a jump on others is what everyone wants to do.

Could it be that the heads of state of the United States and China talk more often than we know of.  Think about it, these guys are powerful and those that surround and support them even more powerful.  Could it be possible that the good news and bad news they sporadically release to the “media” is better organized and planned than not?  Wouldn’t be all that hard to do.

Soybeans drop below 800 then there’s a flash, things with China are good and getting better . . . beans jump back to 840.  Oops, things aren’t as good as we thought; as a matter of fact the whole deal is off, bring on the tariffs . . . beans back to 820.

And if that is not enough, they have the audacity to play telephone tag over the weekends.  Check out the attached chart on the ES for the last month or so as provided by the AMS Trading Group using one of their best tools, MarketProfile.



Asian openings are the place to be if you like gaps and volatility.  Goes right through to Europe.  Mad at each other overnight and friends the next day.  Maybe something is going on, who knows but without a doubt China has ruled the divergent trends and will for the foreseeable future.

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