The Wizard’s “Routine” Before Each Trade

Basically here is a brief step-by-step walkthrough of what we do before we trade:

  1. Think – Sounds simple but just like a golfer, this is the start of your routine.  Everything in your life in order?  Yeah, I stress this and again, if not then don’t trade. If we do decide to trade we start by looking through our list of “daily” opportunities, a smorgasbord of commodity futures with characteristics meeting our objectives and suit our trading style.
  2. Survey – We dig a little deeper into our most often traded candidates fitting “today” into both the real time and historical information we have in our possession.  We select the best candidates then rank them.
  3. Review – Rinse and repeat steps one and two and if there is a candidate to trade move forward.
  4. AMS Signal – Just what it sounds like, we have several “signals” that we look for and when they occur, simultaneously on the various “charts” we use. then we are ready to “click” that button.  What are those signals you ask, you’re going to have to send me an email at and I’ll get back to you.
  5. Trade – Make the trade and revert the fourth step, AMS Signal, to handle the exit.

That’s it, pretty simple, eh? Fifty years has way of refining one’s demeanor, expectations and results.  It is impossible to teach someone how to trade but it is possible to train someone to utilize information in your possession together with the AMS tools and create a methodology that will help you create and perfect a trading routine.

We at AMS listen to what our users want; they want to learn how to better use the AMS DeltaPrint tools to improve upon their trading.  We’re working on developing a paid for tutorial product and service.  If you want to be an unpaid guinea pig (with all of the benefits described above and more) then email me at and I will get back to you.

Thanks for taking the time to read what is written and for responding to our offer.

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