The Wizard’s Thank You

Mum taught me years ago that the words “please” and “thank you” fit quite nicely into the English language.  She also taught me they are even better when they are used.  We at AMS want to say thank you to those who assisted us as we developed our tutorial program.

About three months ago we embarked upon the development of a tutorial program because that is what you, our client, our follower asked for.  How novel, listen to a customer and provide for them what they ask for.  Made sense to us so that is what we did.

The program’s design came from the commentary and side-by-side work, primarily on TeamViewer, with those who participated.  Post “basic training” on MarketProfile, DeltaPrint and BookFlow, we scheduled four live trading sessions, one each at the open, midday, close and overnight.  This provided one-on-one “real time” training to those who wanted it.  We liked this so much we decided to offer it all for free.  If you are interested read on.


For what we are offering, the only part catching people by surprise is that the “up front fee” for the AMS tutorial sessions, along with a trial membership using the AMS tools, is nothing.  That’s right we’re willing to take hours of our time helping you better understand OrderFlow and FootPrint technical analysis. Again if you are interested then let us know at

But there’s more.  I’m the one doing most of the tutorials.  From time to time, a “gem” from my 50+ years of experience rattles free in my brain.  So far we’re finding that these gems are indeed priceless prompting the exchange of stories between all.  It is amazing what you can learn from another if you are open to what they say and do.

So what are you waiting for.  Email me at to get started for free.  From time to time something this good comes along.  It’s here; take advantage of it.

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