Wizard Rant – Family Guy Style

We at AMS Trading Group thank you for making our tutorial kickoff a huge success.  Customers find the initial tutorials more than sufficient to get a user going.  They are also exhibiting a pent-up desire for “one-on-one” time, regular weekly and the like with Niels and me.  Let us know if there is an interest with an email to support@amstradinggroup.com.

Now back to the reason for this blog.  I could not help but think of Peter from Family Guy when he appeared on local news doing a feature called “Grinds My Gears”.  I still laugh every time I see it, a bit shocked at the end as well but I guess they can get away with it.



I’ve been at this “game” for more than 50+ years.  Dad became a broker when I was thirteen.  In between then and now I’ve been like a black hole absorbing everything related to commodities, world interactions and above all “technical” prognostication.

That’s right, from the days of drawing the candlestick and point & figure charts by hand (made for great wallpaper) to what AMS Trading Group brings your way, nothing has really changed.  The data flows have become more voluminous; more importantly how that information is “handled” and “presented” on your trading screen in a visually attractive and clear manner is critical.  All we look to do is to bring the timeliest of information to a screen by you formatted in a manner that creates clear buy and sell signals.  That’s what we do at AMS.

We took on the tutorial role so that we can illustrate to you the power of the AMS DeltaPrint (c) Suite of tools (so many more on the way I cannot begin to tell you).  What drives me nuts, “grinds my gears” as Peter would say, are the number of futures and forex traders unwilling to put the time necessary into learning how to use and apply these AMS tools.

What grinds my gears even more so are those who are giving the AMS tools a trial asking for not just our personal time but also “pointers” about how we trade.  Seriously, learn the system, practice, practice, practice then give us a call.  We share our trading “secrets” on the same blog where you are reading this as well as directly by email if you are a member.

So we are here for you.  Like others we operate on a 24 / 7 schedule so you need us, one of us are here.  Lots going on at AMS and it is all because of the support we have received.



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